NOAA Weather-channels (USA & Canada)

Throughout the US, there are over 900 transmitters utilized by NOAA and the National Weather Service (NWR). They transmit severe weather warnings (such as tornadoes and stuff) to Specialized Receivers. These are either stand-alone units or built-in for example into CB-radios. Of course, transmissions are also easily picked up on virtually any scanner. Locations, callsigns and more can be found at this URL. The frequencies are as follows:

Frequency Public Alert Channel Marine Channel Official Name
162.400 MHz136BWX 2
162.425 MHz296BWX 4
162.450 MHz337BWX 5
162.475 MHz497BWX 3
162.500 MHz538BWX 6
162.525 MHz698BWX 7
162.550 MHz739BWX 1
161.650 MHz
21BWX 8
161.775 MHz
21BWX 9
163.275 MHz
21BWX 10

All channels use NFM.

Two NOAA WP-3D Orions